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Week Two – SQL

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I’m on the second week of my web development immersive (week 2, day 4). We’ve covered various basics of Ruby and are now on database integration.

Yesterday we worked on SQL, which I actually found enjoyable. It was easy to work out what commands to do and how to move through our homework. I think the difference between the people who had an easy time doing the SQL work and those who struggled was the ability to understand just how much SQL was capable of. Some people in class were setting up entire new tables and performing the necessary actions to solve the homework problems in multiple steps, instead of just one line.

I found SQL such a relief after some of our other work that I feel it was easy to accept that everything we do could be done in one line. I was looking for temporary columns while others were making actual columns and then deleting them after they had finished. For once, I felt ahead of the class, explaining problems to others with confidence. I wish everyday in class could be this easy!

Having such a moment on a Wednesday was good, too, I think, it helped energize me to get over hump day. Hopefully every week from here on out will feature at least one day where I feel on top of things.

The Week Before

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Next week, on Monday, I’ll be starting a 12 week long Web Development bootcamp. I’m nervous, I’m anxious, I’m wondering how the hell I’ll get through it. But I’m also excited.

My very first exposure to computers was on DOS. I still remember learning a few commands alongside of my mother so I could go into the basic computer games and word processor that I loved. A few years later, AOL made it possible to get internet in our home and I branched out. I had websites at places like Geocities and Angelfire, coded by myself using internet tutorials and from studying the source code of other websites to figure out how to do things. In high school, I took a web design extracurricular, and one on C++.

But my main memory of technology from my teen years was in tenth grade, when I wanted to take the Robotics course my school offered. The guidance counselors had to approve our schedules and mine, an old white man, refused to approve that course. It was a “boy’s class.” I still remember sitting there, so angry but feeling absolutely helpless. He ended up adding me to a cooking class, instead.

Sexism in STEM is still around, but I, personally, am no longer scared of it. And while I didn’t have the chance to learn programming before, at this point, this exact place I’m at, I do have three months to take 450+ hours of class.

And even if I’m still a little burned out from undergrad, grad school, and that semester of law school I tried, I’m still going to do this. I have to.