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UX and Web Design

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This week, we’re working on our second project. Not only are we teamed up with people from the other Web Development Immersive (WDI) class, but all the teams have someone from the User Experience Design Immersive, too. Our first day was almost entirely planning and UX, which was an interesting experience. On Saturday, I took an 8 hour intro to UX class, which had prepared me, at least. I knew what to expect and how one would make wireframes and how to do user research, I knew what basics to expect.

The process is supposed to prepare us for a potential job for a company with UX professionals, though it’s felt somewhat uneven. Most of the UXers aren’t really aware of the technical constraints on projects, and they also don’t know CSS or HTML. Since we don’t have separate front-end and back-end people, our group has separated with two people working on the back-end while I work on the front-end.

I finally have an excuse to use Foundation for something, but working on CSS for days on end can be trying. I miss just fiddling around with Rails and trying new things. I wish this project had been a few weeks later, so we had been learning Javascript and could make these apps even more interactive. And I wish there wasn’t outside-of-our-projects, school-related drama going on at the same time. Emotions are high and it feels like that’s stripped out most of the urgency that we had felt for our first project.