Mailing Lists for (Women) (in Tech) (in the DMV)

As someone that grew up when a major form of communication online was mailing lists, such as egroups/onelist, I’ve always been partial to them. So, while job searching or simply trying to keep up with my interests, I tend to seek them out. I’ve found a few lists that I thought I’d put down in one place for anyone that might be looking. Some of these are specific to women in tech or women in the DMV.


  • Reach: Women in Tech
  • Location: International
  • About: The oldest women in STEM mailing list, created in part by Anita Borg.
  • Topics: Everything. From tech and women in tech to job hunting and college roommate searches to people complaining about their jobs to people just talking about where they live. I suggest getting the digest format or setting up a filter/rule.


  • Reach: Women in Tech
  • Location: DC Metro area
  • About: A professional organization that runs events (there’s an upcoming job fair) and also happens to have this list.
  • Topics: Another ‘women in tech and everything else’ sort of list. However, this one is mostly focused on the DMV and has the added benefit of people adding tags to their subject lines so it’s easy to see when a post might interest you or not.

Hear Me Code

  • Reach: Women in Tech
  • Location: Washington, DC
  • About: An educational organization which offers free lessons and other resources.
  • Topics: Emails are often announcements, events, and tech topics. Includes some job postings and tends to stay relatively on topic. It’s run on Google Groups, which makes it easy to navigate.


  • Reach: Women (pro-choice)
  • Location: DC Metro Area
  • About: Professional organization dedicated to furthering women and women’s interests. This is a membership-only organization and has an annual fee, however it also has more benefits and bigger events than most of the others. Very good for anyone who wants to work in politics/government.
  • Topics: Various, a lot of political topics, lots of events, job posts/searches, volunteer opportunities. Subject lines are labelled and unlike most of the other groups, people almost always reply to the OP instead of the whole list. It’s also run on Google Groups so it’s easy to navigate.

Technically Speaking

  • Reach: Anyone who wants to speak at conferences
  • Location: International
  • About: This is a newsletter, it’s focused on giving conference talks and the like. Since that’s something it would be great if more women did, I think it fits to add it here.

DC Inno

  • Reach: People in Tech
  • Location: DC Metro Area
  • About: Another newsletter (or, well, a bunch of them) that is about tech in DC. Generally focused on start ups and news, but it includes events, job listings, and the like. Almost always has mentions whenever DMV women in tech are in the news. DC

  • Reach: People in Tech
  • Location: DC Metro Area
  • About: Another tech newsletter with a DC focus, the website includes a job board and other resources. As with most DC tech newsletters, is fairly focused on startups and the like, but still pretty interesting.

If anyone else has any favorite mailing lists/newsletters for Women in Tech (in the DMV) I’d love to hear about them. I’m sure I’m missing a few here.

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