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Personal Projects and Four Weeks To Go

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What I’ve been working on in class: learning Javascript, fiddling with JQuery, working with AJAX and Rails with Javascript. The first week with just Javascript and JQuery was a little too easy, this week has been the opposite.

What I’ve been doing outside of class: Working with SparkFun’s Starter Kit to teach myself how to use Arduino and send basic code to the board, poking at Johnny 5, and following Unity tutorials for 2D game making. While I actually think I prefer the backend stuff, I’m incredibly fascinated by Nodebots and seeing the ways that these .

Next week in class is our third project. This apparently is the open ended one, where they tell us to do whatever we want, as long as it involves Rails and AJAX. I’ve had an idea for a personal comic book library app for awhile now (I might have already started user stories *cough*), and might attempt that. For the final project, if we do get to choose to use other languages (which people have done in the past), I know I went to attempt MEAN Stack. Well, unless I really take off with the Nodebots and can do something with them.

Things I need to follow up on: If there is a job that mostly involves User Stories (laugh, but I’m apparently “textbook” at them and I kinda enjoy it now that I’ve gotten the hang of them), what would be the best to use for my game idea (mysterious sounding, but I’ve been talking about it off-line with tons of people, if I can actually manage it I think it will be great fun), and finally finish putting together my tech resume.

I can’t believe this is the end of Week 8. This has gone so quickly. But when I look back at my first-week coding, I think it’s obvious I’ve learned a ton.